May 26, 2009

What's in your bag?

I always wonder what ladies are carrying in their handbags, especially the girls who have purses the size of their bodies (what in the world is in there???). I'm no Mary Poppins, but there are some things I need to carry at all times, just in case. Here's a LookSee into what's in my bag.

In my everyday bag (currently Stella McCartney LeSportsac): Wallet, lip balm, lipstick pen, notebook (to jot down ideas, directions, recipes, quotes), gum, my favorite m&ms and cell.In the another LeSportsac pouch aka just-in-case emergency pouch: Mirror, lotion, Aquaphor, Advil, Tide-to-go, cuticle oil, blotting paper, Band-Aids, floss, matches, and for some reason a cocktail umbrella.

If you ever find your lunch on your shirt, got a boo-boo, or have incredibly dry, cracked-out elbows...Don't worry, I got you covered.


  1. Hi Gina. I am starting to get into blogging too. I'll let you know my site name when I finish desigining.


  2. Wow! You are so prepared woman! I never knew you carried all those things! What a fun look-see!

  3. i love the name of this blog! but the confusing thing is the URL has many "o" and many "e" but the banner says "look see"

    i like that you carry around a tide-to-go. i carry around gum wrappers and napkins (used and un-used), pantiliners.

  4. i don't leave home withouth my aquaphor either!