Jun 18, 2009

Bon Appetit!

Korean food is all about variety. When you go to any Korean restaurant, you are presented with an array of side dishes (aka banchan) with your meal. I spent the whole day making delicious banchan for the Hubs. The menu: spinach, bean sprouts, potatoes and fish cakes. It's so easy to buy them pre-made at the market but soo much cheaper (and healthier) to make on your own. We just finished dinner and whoa(!), I have a huge food baby and the Hubs is down with the itis. Now, that's good eats!


  1. omg i am waaaaaaaaay impressed!!!! homemade banchan? what a nice wife! i will come over your house for korean food. one day. and then i will make you fiberone pancakes.

  2. WOW!! they all look delicious! pls email me recipes! i need to get domesticated....GO GINA!