Jul 15, 2009


(The handsome Hubs. A pic of me is just too humiliating)
I've been getting golf lessons on and off since the New Year. It's one of my resolutions to learn how to play, get really good and beat the Hubs in a round. My awesome instructor loves the game so much that he teaches me pro bono. He told me I'd have to hit 100 buckets at the driving range to perfect my swing ... so far, I think I've hit all of two.
Last weekend, I went to the course for the first time. My goal was to hit a triple bogey. And let me tell you...man, this game is all mental and so frustrating. The first nine holes were awfully painful and fast. But things slowed down in the back nine and I ended up hitting a bogey(!) on the 18th, albeit it was the easiest and shortest hole, but still a legitimate bogey! Now that I have a better idea of what it's like on the course, I'm ready for 98 more buckets! Bring it!

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  1. thank you for the sweet bday wish dear! josh played on his universities golf team..he's attempted to teach me how to swing properly for over three years and it's still a lost cause ;)