Jul 6, 2009

A lot of sports besides baseball

Joey Chestnut was able to hold his reign over Kobayashi in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for his third year straight. Watching any eating competition really makes my gag reflex go off the Richter. But watching them train facinates me. (I believe Bio is doing a segment on competitive eaters sometime this week, fyi.)

Sometimes I think I could do it. If I have one hard skill, it'd be eating. And I'd blow this chick out the water...Sonya Thomas, who currently holds the record for chicken wings, eggs, hamburgers, cheesecake, pizza, tacos, fruitcakes, lobster, and oysters! (ugh, oysters! so gross!) But I could definitely hold down some pizza, chicken wings, and tacos!

In other sports news...
I wish Anthony Kim would start playing at his full potential and stop partying with JT (and stop wearing that ugly necklace!)
How sweet would've it been if Andy won. Too bad he'll never get to see another final, for as long Roger keeps playing like he did yesterday. Plus, it's really game over when Rafael comes back.
Holiday recap...
My brother and HelStar came to SD for the 4th. (YAY! I'm so excited about their engagement! I'll let my brother share their story in another post :) Here's a picture of us having BBQ and me kicking their ass in Risk. I rule the world! Muhahaha!

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  1. haha i would be amazed if you held the new record...amazed! i think i'd have a new hero :)