Aug 10, 2009


Hello Bloggerheads!
It's been too long and I don't even know where to start...
The Hubs is back and I am mucho happy! He brought back Korea Vogue and Korea VogueGirl which is super exciting because you can't find those anywhere in the States! (I will have to post about the glossy covers another time!) Susan came for another visit and I value her friendship more than ever. She has a heart of gold! We also celebrated Gracie's bridal shower & bachelorette.
(Side Note: Along with all your fabulous blogs, Gracie was actually the one who encouraged me to start my own blog and made this darling banner for me. She has a wedding blog, where she writes an entry a day as a countdown to her wedding, and has a design blog, where you can see her latest (adorable) stationary designs, AND to raise awareness for mental illness in the Asian-American community, she also hosts Getting Rid of the Stigma.)
I had the worst time of my life(!) at the opening day of the Del Mar Races (ugh, ugh, ugh) BUT had a blast at the BEST pre-party ever...(jerk, jerk, jerk). The married couples played my new favorite game, "Watch Wives Drink", which was followed by an outrageous hangover the next day. My parents came to visit this past weekend. It was sooo good seeing them. They're hilarious so it's really fun hanging out with them. The bonus was seeing my dad get along with the Hubs so well. And it was a double bonus seeing my brother and Helstar. We were one, big, happy family...and it felt so right :)

Got me some early birthday presents too!
Dad got me a set of bad-ass golf clubs(!!!). My BFFs got me some suede boots and peep-toe pumps. And the Hubs got me gladiators and golf shoes. I'm sooo spoiled. keke, I heart shoes. Here's some pics so this post isn't completely boring...
BIG NEWS! I just started a two week assignment today! can you say cha-ching?! Argentina is covered...expenses paid by yours truly:)

Hey. What did the Mama Ketchup say to the little one??? "Catch-up!" (Sorry, I'm corny like that. I'll try harder to post more often. Playing catch-up sucks!)


  1. oh welcome back! We've missed you :)

    Thank you for the shout outs and omg! You have a job!!!

  2. LOL u are a funny quirky girl...i wuv it! congrats on the new job gina!