Aug 12, 2009

Jessica, Hessica, Yessica

I moved to San Diego in 2004 blind. Having no friends but Krispy Creme, McDonald's, grilled cheese sandwiches and See's Toffee-ettes. I was alone. My weekends were occupied with having Blockbuster nights and falling asleep with my hand in a tin of toffee-ettes. My life turned upside down when I met my soulmate, Jessica. She brought me back to life and showed me San Diego in a different light (insert: heaven singing). We got wrecked every weekend, ate massive amounts of froyo and read trashy mags. We were like peas and carrots :) My dear friend moved to Chicago for b-school. Though I'm terribly sad, I'm truly excited for what lies ahead of her. She's changed my life and I am forever grateful for her friendship. I love you, Jess. Good luck at school! I know you'll do great!

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