Feb 14, 2010

February is for lovers

Time is sneaking its way past us...and it's going by rather quickly!

The Hubs and I went on an emotional roller coaster ride last month. We made some hasty decisions which we needed to slap ourselves out of. It really didn't taste too good. But we're at a better place now, safe and sound. We're taking a long hiatus from house-hunting and decided to save, save, save. We're still moving though...to a slightly bigger and (now) cheaper apartment! Our teeny tiny apartment is really cramping my style, so I'm excited about the new space!

Ahh, Valentine's Day..
I somewhat hate the holiday but I'll take the flowers and ooh! the chocolate too!

There isn't too much fuss over the occassion. But it's a long weekend and a good excuse to go somewhere "special." We went to Laguna Beach to enjoy a fabulous (over-priced/over-rated) brunch at the St. Regis (so much for saving)! Laguna is a special place for us. It's where the Hubs first held my hand. I'll never forget because I, for one, have clammy hands all.year.round. I remember that day was super hot which made my hands not only clammy but warm and sweaty too (not a sexy look). So when he grabbed my hand, I immediately got self-conscious and pulled away. When I told him about my "condition," he took my hand and said he didn't mind and that he "liked it." I love this man.