May 28, 2009


Look forward to a lot of food entries...I'm a big fan. This one is dedicated to my current obsession, Kettle brand Salt & Pepper chips. I'm somewhat of connoisseur when it comes to these deep-fried, crunchy, potato bites of flavor. This one, in particular, can only be described as having an underlying taste of beef jerky. Try them for yourself to find out what I'm talking about. You'll soon find yourself addicted as well.

PS. For a tangy taste, try dipping the chips with yellow mustard.


  1. mmm Kettle Chips...a recent but great import to Ireland...Nice blog...keep it up,

    I came here by accident...a nice accident.

  2. i love these chips too. but i like the kettle baked chips even more!! they are tasty and healthier. what about sweet potato chips? or terra blue chips? yay chips!

  3. yum!! i love those! the buffalo bleu ones are delicious too!