Jun 3, 2009

HomeHome comes to San Diego

Nothing's changed. We're all gossip, laughs and back to our good ol' crazy antics. My BFF, Theresa, is my most thoughtful friend. Upon arrival, she busted out 3 styles of Wayfarers and asked me to pick one out for myself.

Me: (confused) "Huh?! What for???"
Theresa: (laughing) "For no reason. For...YOU!"
Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as always, she's buys me a supply of UTZ Hot Chips (my absolute favorite, esp. since you can't find them in Cali), except this time, she forgot them in a frenzy to get to the airport at 4am(!) Regardless, she's so sweet. I know, I'm lucky to have such an awesome friend like her.

Thanks for coming to visit, for the laughs and for being my best friend. I love you.
Man, I feel so hip with my new stunner shades!

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