Jun 9, 2009


In Korea, there are these huge spas/bath-houses called jeemjilbangs. Not only can you get scrubbed down, buck-naked, until your skin is of a baby's behind, you can also find yourself in the common area to watch movies, take naps, get your nails did, even do some light shopping. This is where everyone takes breaks from all the different types of dry saunas they provide. My mom LOVES going to jeemjilbang! The last time we were in Korea, she spent nearly 12 hours there chillin with her old friends.

ANYWAYS, they also sell food, fresh juices and yummy snacks, like eggs. I know it's weird, but I loved the eggs. The first bite was egg with a hint of a nutty, burnt taste. I just thought, "Oh, Korean eggs must taste different." Just like how every country has their own spin on McDonald's. WELL, I learned the secret to cooking the eggs like the ones I ate at jeemjilbang! I cooked them in the pressure cooker! Put eggs, enough water to cover them babies and a tsp of salt into the cooker and voila! delicious, burnt hard-boiled eggs!


  1. ummm did you draw faces on your eggs?

  2. burnt hard boiled eggs?? i've always wanted to go to a jimjilbang and put the towel on my head in princess leia fashion.