Jun 8, 2009

I love Tatiana

I spotted this gorgeous rug at Crate&Barrel last year when the Hubs and I were apartment shopping. After paying for our wedding, we had very little left over and couldn't afford to buy it. I vowed for it to be mine as soon as it went on sale. FINALLY! C&B's summer sale is in full effect and it includes this rug!

Convincing the Hubs that we needed this rug was difficult. As expected, he said no. And as usual, he's right. We really shouldn't buy a rug when we already have a nice one. I still begged and plugged it whenever I could, but he had enough & put his foot down and I slowly started letting it go. Goodbye rug of my dreams...*tear*...forever...*sniff sniff*...goodbye.

Last Friday, THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD surprised me with the receipt for the Tatiana rug! (Ahhhhh!!!!!!) I cried. He bought the rug because he knew how happy it'd make me. (I'd also like to think he secretly loves the rug too and thinks it's going to make a great addition to our tiny living space :)