Jun 30, 2009

What's that smell??

I have a thing about perfume. Whenever I'm having a blase day or I just want to feel sexy and alive, a simple spritz of perfume always does the trick. My olfactory senses are triggered and I instantly feel...romantical. I have a number of signature scents that I wear depending on the season and day. fresh, Sake.
It's currently my go-to fragrance.
Very rich and old-lady like.
I especially like the brand, mainly for it's chic packaging.
Marc Jacobs, Blush.
On a trip back homehome, I forgot my perfume and put on my mom's Coco Mademoiselle.
Once she got a sniff, she questioned my selection with a sour face and handed me Blush.
I've loved it ever since. It smells like a field of honeysuckles and it's perfect for the summer.

It's the perfect winter scent.
It's light, cozy and straight-up romantic.
Makes me want to cuddle.

Prescriptives, Calyx.
I've worn this scent since high school, when an ex-boyfriend got it for me.
It's spicy and adventurous.
Yves Saint Laurent, In Love Again.
This is also an old signature fragrance.
Makes me nostalgic of my college clubbing days.
A little Britney Spears-ish...it's like you're in the floral tropics.
What's your signature scent??


  1. my signature scent is Degree for Women.

    rarely when i remember, i wear Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze. i like.

  2. Well, I use Marc Jacobs Daisy. So Fresh!

    But I love this lotion from Anthropologie called Woman in Yellow. It reminds me of when I eloped. It's me scent. Come smell me.

  3. i need to take a picutre of my perfume drawer.. although i'm scared people may think i'm a little obsessed! my absolute favorite is ralph lauren blue. it's fresh, preppy and everytime i get a whiff of it it makes me happy!

  4. creed spring flower (in the spring/summer), i feel so girly when i wear this perfume...fruity with a little bit of musk and jasmine.

    creed love in white (in the winter). i feel so fresh when i wear it.

    gucci envy(all year round). i've been wearing this perfume since high school and can never get sick of the scent. :)

    i also have calyx...i love it!