Jul 1, 2009

Be my guest

I'm the type of girl that stays in the bathroom a tad bit longer to check out the goodies in your medicine cabinet. If I've been to your house, I've gone did it. (and I probably looked under your sink too!) It's not that I'm nosy, I'm more "curious" to see what you got in there and how well you have it organized (yea, I'm a little OCD). Here's a LookSee into what's in mine. Beware of the Maryland Crab!I know, I know. You shouldn't keep perfume in the bathroom!Black bristled toothbrushes. Yes, I swear we bought them that way!


  1. so organized!

    Have you gone through the cabinets in my bathroom as well?

    Well, if you ever do, feel free to organize them.

  2. haha i just love this! i am completely guilty of looking in others cabinets! and you're right..its really not that im nosey or that i want to use your goodies..im just interested! thanks for stopping by my blog, im glad you did because yours looks beautiful as well!

  3. You are sooo organized!! I try to tidy up every week but it gets so hard especially when its a space you are in everyday. :) Love the black tooth brushed. Kinda random! :)