Jul 2, 2009

Word to your mother

I played piano for years when I was younger. I dreaded the lessons and moreover, hated practicing! When I was 12, I bombed my first recital. I got up to the piano, sat down and went blank. I was motified. Here I am in this huge-ass auditorium...just looking down at the black and white keys. It was awful. I had no choice but to get off stage. I cried the whole, entire ride home.
For my next recital, I practiced, practiced and practiced some more. I had something to prove. I had to redeem myself. On the day of the recital, I killed it and got a standing ovation.

*My moms practicing in her jammies*

My mom swears if you learn something new throughout your life, you'll never go senile. Since she has semi-retired, she's been taking piano lessons (something she's wanted to learn but couldn't afford when she was a little girl). When I moved to San Diego, I was truly impressed when she played Happy Birthday over the phone. (Homegirl, could actually play a little sumin sumin!) And when I moved back home, I'd wake up to her practicing those horrible music theory drills. She's determined to be like the Von Trapp family and has a vision of singing around the piano with her grandkids. She got much better over the course of time and started playing hymns and familiar pieces I once played myself. It's so cool to witness that progression.

Today, she is having her first piano recital. Although she's the oldest student, she'll most definitely be the cutest :) My dad is so proud..he mentioned going up on stage just to hug her in front of everyone.
GOOD LUCK UMMA! Fighting!! You can do it!!! I wish I could be there to give you a standing ovation and scream, "whooooooo!" I love you and I'm maad proud of you!


  1. that is just amazing. i wish i could cheer on your mom! i love that she is doing what SHE wants to do and taking these lessons. what an inspiration ;)

  2. Cool story :) I used to play the piano, and did a couple recitals, too. Wish I still played now that I'm older.

  3. Your mom is so cool! Your dad is even cuter!