Jul 9, 2009

Frye obsessed

Why do we covet the unobtainable???

I've searched high and low for these oxford booties with no avail.
Which only makes me want them 100x more.
(why is everyone a size friggin seven?!?!)
Ugh! the AGONY!!!


  1. adorable. i want i want...

    (if i find a pair in 7, i'll let you know)

  2. ahh if you cant find it it only makes you want it more! those shoes are to die for..so i can see your loyalty ;) i found a pair of shoes a few weeks ago for 20 dollars.. i HAD to have them and they were only a size 6 1/2... soo i stuffed my feet in them! haha a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ;)

  3. i wish i could see your happy dance! haha you are too cute and thanks for the early bday wish! xoxo