Jul 8, 2009

Just dance

"P-P-P-Poker face, P-P-Poker face...
Can't read my, can't read my..no, he can't read my poker face~~"

What the freak was Lady GaGa wearing to that press conference yesterday?!?! (Ok Lady, we get it..we can't read your poker face.) She continues to surprise us again and again. And for some reason, I somewhat love that element about her. She's so outlandishly strange that, it's cool. Cool, because she doesn't care about what anyone thinks and loves to hoard all that attention.
I remember when she first came out, she said she thought herself to be a walking piece of art. Art? Maybe. Crazy cool? Yes!
images from JustJared.com


  1. she used to be an exotic dancer, you know. you'd never guess though.