Sep 14, 2009

Vamos DELPO!!!

Congratulations Juan Martin del Potro for defeating Roger and Rafael in the US Open.
Although I am a Federer fan (dude plays tennis with such finesse that I always seem to hear the Nutcracker when watching him), Buenos Aires has inspired me to cheer Potro on. While we were there, we witnessed Argentina lose 2 soccer games, making it nearly impossible for them to qualify for the World Cup. And for a country who has so much soccer pride, it's hard watching your team lose. Potro was their hope and every game won was on heavy rotation everywhere in BA. GO POTRO! VIVA ARGENTINA!!!

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    ps: I was suprised he won! I didn't finish watching it, but I really thought federer was going to win (again). So I was suprised to hear on the morning news that del potro won!